About Rattan Craft

Rattancraft.com offers complete information and guide on the subject of the popular crafting material; rattan/wicker. The website also makes a number of rattan and wicker pieces available for sale through the Quality Products, Raw Materials, and Partner Products section. Such products are exclusively and/or sourced from certain manufacturing companies cited below.

Rattancraft.com is a proud member of theĀ  group dedicated to providing the best and unique, quality products and online experience to the public. At ogm.ph, “it’s all about variety“.

All rattan products that are displayed and offered on the Quality Products section are exclusively supplied by Joel Leo (JL) Rattan Craft Corporation, a corporation duly licensed and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

All other rattan and related products offered at the Partner Products section are supplied by third party manufacturers and suppliers which the website has partnered into for sole marketing purposes only.

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