How to Place Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture

If you have extra space on your patio, lawn, garden, or deck, you might want to place rattan outdoor furniture to create an area for the entire family and visitors to enjoy. Rattan furniture pieces are great additions to these areas because aside from their unique beauty, they add up that natural accent which would jive to the beautiful environment you have at home.

Not familiar with the possible rattan or wicker items you could place on the area you are considering to spice up? The following are some of our suggestions.

rattan outdoor furniture

An outdoor sofa set

An outdoor sofa set is perhaps, the most common type of furniture set adorned on any of the outdoor areas mentioned above. Nothing beats the beauty and relaxation that an extended outdoor living room could provide. You could enjoy nature and your backyard or garden at its best. It’s also the best furniture set to induce relaxation and bonding for the entire family.

An outdoor dining set

The purpose of an outdoor dining set is somewhat obvious; the provision of table and chairs which can be used for dining outdoors. Additionally, this dining set could also be used for other purposes like serving as an outdoor study table, working desk, etc. A dining set placed inside the garden would look lovely especially when paired with sparkling lights during the night.

An outdoor sun lounger

Whether your home has a swimming pool or not, a sun lounger is still a lovely rattan outdoor furniture piece you can put on your deck. It’s a single piece of rattan furniture that can alternately serve as a bench or perhaps, a bed. It allows you to enjoy the sun and could be a substitute for a complete outdoor sofa set if budget is a concern.

Small outdoor ottoman or poufs

If space is a concern, you can still accent your garden, or backyard with the smaller pieces of seats like the ottomans or poufs. These are space savers, compact, and extremely portable making them easy to be displayed outdoors or stored inside the house.

How do you properly place or display those rattan pieces

  • Place them under the shade. Although you have bought an all-weather wicker or rattan furniture, you still have to place them in areas where direct sunlight couldn’t penetrate. You should not think only about the welfare of the furniture but the comfort of the users as well.
  • Create a focal area for the furniture set. If you are planning to use outdoor furniture sets like a sofa or dining set, you should not only place them on the garden or deck as is. You should also try to create a focal area to highlight it. You can install a round or square brick floor where the furniture shall be placed. Enclose it with plants or perhaps create a boundary for it. You could also create a small hut or natural shade.
  • Place them on the side of the pool or beach deck. All rattan outdoor furniture works best when placed by the side of your pool or on the beach view deck. If you don’t have a pool or don’t have a beachfront property, you could try placing it near the lake, fountain, river, or any other bodies of water.

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