List of Wicker Bathroom Furniture

One way to add a natural touch to your modern bathroom’s look is to furnish it with wicker bathroom furniture. Since wicker is a natural plant or wood material, its use in the bathroom is only limited to areas where it wouldn’t get wet. Moisture is one of the elements which could induce molds, and premature weathering to wicker. But if you are using a synthetic type of wicker material, there should be no problem at all.

So what are the wicker pieces which you could furnish or make use in your bathroom? These include the following.

Freestanding wicker cabinets, shelves, or drawers

If you have a large or spacious bathroom, a freestanding cabinet or drawer could be furnished to serve as the main storage area for towels, robes, various bathroom supplies, and other essentials. It keeps things organized and because the cabinet sides or walls are woven, there are minute holes that let its contents breathe. The free flow of air within the cabinet prevents towels and other materials from developing unpleasant scents or odors.

Hanging wicker shelves

If your bathroom has a limited amount of space, the most ideal wicker bathroom furniture you could install is the hanging wicker shelf. Since they are smaller than the standard size cabinets, they are only ideal in storing the most essential bathroom aids or supplies. The wicker type of hanging shelf is much lighter compared to wood but could have the same durability level as well.

Wicker hamper

Another essential in the room or the bathroom is the wicker hamper where all used clothing pieces go. These hampers are much durable than their plastic counterparts and they work great in preventing the buildup of unpleasant odor or smell for your used clothes. Compared to the thin plastic hampers, you could use the wicker type for several months or even years.

Wicker towel or robe stands

Similar to all other clothe stands, the purpose of this wicker furniture is to hold the robes, towels, including dresses or clothes while you use the bathroom or the shower. They are light and easy to move around and are also durable enough to carry several pieces at a time.

Wicker towel or tissue bars

Di you know that aside from the plastics or metal bars, wicker could be used as well in handling that tissue roll or towel? There are now gorgeous wicker bars you could purchase on the market for this said purpose.

Wicker bathroom furniture that serves as dispensers

Other bathroom pieces that can be made out of wicker or rattan include the tissue dispensers, soap holders, toothpaste holders, and the sanitary bins.

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