Luxe Urbana Outdoor Sectional Furniture Set

If you are looking for the perfect sectional sofa set that would look best in your patio, deck, poolside, or the garden, the Luxe Urbana is the set to beat. This furniture set made out of synthetic rattan or wicker is not only designed with the good looks, but is also built to last and provide unparalleled comfort when you, your family, friends, and visitors are enjoying the breeze and the lights of the outdoors.

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Furniture set inclusions and specifications:

  • It’s an 8-piece furniture set which includes; the Left Arm Section, Right Arm Section, Two Armless Middle Section, Corner Section, Patio Club Chair, Patio Coffee Table, Patio Ottoman, and the sofa’s complementary cushions.
  • The sofa set is made from durable and all-weather synthetic rattan or wicker.
  • The main frames of the sofa are made out of thick and durable yet lightweight aluminum frames that are resistant to rusting.
  • The seat cushions are a hundred percent weather-proof and dirt proof. The cushion covers features zippers for easy-cleaning.
  • This furniture set is available in four colors which includes; Heather Beige, Canvas Spa, Canvas Henna, and Canvas Charcoal.

The noted benefits of the Luxe Urbana Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set

The makers and existing users of the Luxe Urbana set conform and highlight the following beneficial features and advantages of purchasing and using this outdoor sectional sofa set.

Expert and detailed construction. You’ll know if a furniture or any item is crafted flawlessly by going into the piece’s minute details. The Luxe Urbana is build or constructed manually by seasoned furniture makers in the U.S. This furniture piece is expertly crafted, undergone stringent quality controls, and durably built to last and look good for years.

Classy and stylish design. Perhaps, the foremost feature that can readily be seen from this furniture set is its beautiful and stylish design. The wicker has a dark brown coffee color fit for both formal and informal outdoor parties and occasions. To save all the explanation, this sectional sofa set is simply gorgeous!

A weather-proof outdoor sofa set. Some wicker furniture claim to be weather proof when in fact, they are not. The Luxe Urbana is guaranteed to withstand the challenges of the elements like heat, sunlight, water, ice, etc. Both the synthetic wicker and the cushions are made not to easily fade. Hence, you’ll enjoy that beautiful look even after months or a few years of continued outdoor use.

The sofa cushions are thick, well-padded, and comfortable. The maker of this sofa has not only focused on the furniture itself but on the complementary cushions as well. The cushions are weather proof and most consumers really say that they are comfortable.

Image shared by a customer

The sofa set can be reconfigured or arranged according to the user’s preference. Because this set is made out of 8 flexible pieces. There should be no problems in rearranging them.

Unparalleled customer service. Another notable benefit that most consumers report is the very good customer service provided by the sofa manufacturer or maker. Even if the damage is inflicted as a result of delivery itself, happy customers note that they didn’t encounter any problem requesting for assistance or a replacement.

Top-notch look and quality at a budget-friendly price. With all the top-notch features mentioned above, the Luxe Urbana Outdoor Sectional Furniture set is offered at a great deal and discounted price.

Special Rattancraft Discount: As much as 30% off the original price

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