Rattan Blinds

Rattan blinds are great natural alternatives to the conventional blinds that most people use at homes, offices, and all other places. Since the creation and conceptualization of blinds, they were considered works of art and are essential not only to add beauty by the window pane but provide protection from sunlight and certain degree of temperature as well. Today, even a single wicker blind can be purchased in distinct designs, specifications, including variety of color.

Rattan blinds available for sale today have also been manufactured or crafted from distinct materials like synthetic rattan plastic, rattan wood, and the unique and natural bamboo rattan blinds. Today, a lot of manufacturers are making automated blinds that now can be controlled easily by a remote control. Also, it’s no longer that hard for anyone to look for cheap rattan blinds.

The bamboo wicker blinds essentially combine the best features of the bamboo and rattan materials. Bamboo provides flexibility, rattan on the other exhibits resilience, durability, elegance, and ease in handling or crafting.

There are times that you will encounter problems with your blinds and some of the reeds will eventually get damaged, hence, the following short points can guide you on how to repair your bamboo rattan blinds.

  • Determine the size of the particular blind part/reed that needs to be replaced either with a measuring tape or stick.
  • Search for rattan and bamboo craft shops that can sell you few sticks or reeds that you require.
  • Buy enough number of reeds or at best have some couple of extras.
  • When actually replacing the broken wickers or reeds, be careful not to distort the original wiring or string pattern. It would help if you use the aid of tweezers.
  • When the string can’t be avoided to be discarded, ensure that you know how to weave them back prior to disassembling the rattan blinds.
  • Finally, trim down the excess rattan ends with scissors.

When searching for cheap rattan blinds, it’s no longer that hard to arrive at the best one in almost all home improvement stores and depots, including the internet. To arrive at the best deal, it is advised that you check first from wholesalers, and specialty online shops like this website.

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