Rattan Futons

Rattan Futons have been one of the best alternatives to the conventional beds and couches that are used for indoor or outdoor furniture. For those unfamiliar, futon is a general term for a furniture piece made out of wooden frame equipped with large and thick mattresses or foams that serves as the cushion.

For the budget-conscious individuals, rattan futons are one of the cheaper alternatives to the all-leather, metal, or luxurious velvet couch placed on most home areas. Futons also occupy smaller spaces and their lightweight nature makes them easy to handle and redecorate.

Here is a quick guide when choosing a futon furniture:

  • Ensure that the piece(s) you are about to buy is coupled with at least 3-5 years of warranty. You don’t want your budget to be hurt in a sudden event that they get damage early on.
  • Choose rattan futons that are equipped with mattresses that have thickness of at least 6 inches. Their make can either be cotton, foam, polyester, wool, or a combination of one or two of these cushion materials.
  • Ensure that you only pick rattan futons than has the heaviest type of upholstery or mattress to ensure utmost material durability and flexibility. When your intent in buying cotton is for easy handling and lighter types of pieces, you can go for the all-cotton mattress which weighs way lighter.
  • Dependent on your household furnishing requirement, you can choose couches that may or may not be folded, a bi-fold or the tri-fold ones. Foldable futons are made in such manner to minimize space consumption.
  • Finally, the final verdict will be determined when you test how it would feel to sit or lie down on your chosen rattan futons. In doing so, you will also be able to tell whether weight support and flexibility is spread out on the mattress evenly.


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