Rattan Pouf

To further accent the living area or any room, a functional rattan pouf is put into use. Although it’s just plain and simple, it has a unique beauty and can be used for several purposes. For those who are not familiar with a pouf, it’s that small “cushiony” stool of either round, oblong, or square shape that is placed and used almost anywhere in the house. Most people know it as the ottoman which has its origin in ancient Turkey. It is where the concept of bean bags or seat has been based.

Traditionally, the pouf is made out of fabric and stuffed with cotton, foam, and other fluffy materials. But as they became popular in the western world, several variants and styles were developed, There are now poufs made out of square wood boxes covered on colorful or printed fabric, there are those made out of leather and foam, and finally, the more popular ones are the rattan poufs.

Uses of Rattan Pouf

- Primarily, the pouf is used as a multi-purpose stool

- It is best paired with the traditional even the modern types of sofas or sofa sets

- It can be an alternative seat which can be used in every room if the room space is not large enough for a whole sofa set

- Most poufs especially those with flat or hollow surfaces are used as decorative or accents at home and can be used to carry or display any item

- Some households make use of the flatter wicker pouf as a comfortable bed for their dog or cat pet

Styles and Options Available

The manner how a single wicker pouf is woven and crafted is very much artistic and is not easy. This can be evident from the very beautiful resulting designs. When it comes to rattan pouf there can be designed shaped in cylindrical form, rounded or apple forms, oblongs and flat oblongs, with or without cushions, etc.

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