Rattan Rugs

Woven rattan rugs would constitute a natural alternative to the traditional area rugs you have in your homes and office. The numerous benefits that one can derive from using these would include but not limited to the following:

  • These rugs present more natural and attractive look or appeal. It’s unique color as is more than enough to catch attention or add in to the aesthetic value of the room or area where it is placed or installed.
  • Compared to rubber or cloth, rattan rug can be used either as an indoor or outdoor aid. Cloth rugs won’t be suitable for rain and snow, while rubber won’t be that so glamorous when adorned inside.
  • Rattan rugs are thin which is suitable or capable of blending to almost all types of decor and motifs.
  • Since these rugs are made out of rattan, they are extremely durable, of high quality, and very much flexible.
  • This type of mat is also easier to clean compared to all other rug materials like cloth, wool, velvet, etc. Cloth fibers will usually attract and retain more dust, mud, stain, and other types of dirt, with the rattan rug, cleaning is just a breeze.

Proper way to clean

Dry or solid dirt that have accumulated on the woven rattan rug can easily be handled by vacuum cleaning, wiping it dry, or by using a soft bristled brush. Deeply seated dirt and stains should be cleaned by warm water and liquid soap. Liquid soap is preferred to avoid damaging the fibers or leaving soap residue particles. You should also avoid using bleach.

After washing woven rattan rugs, it is advised not to dry them up with sunlight but just with plain cloth and setting them aside. Like bamboo and all other wood-based products, they’ll become brittle when sun dried or exposed to harmful chemicals.

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