Rattan Raw Materials

We Support Individual Craftsmanship and Artistic Skills.

Aside from providing the best rattan items, Rattancraft is proud to be a major supplier of rattan raw materials to the best rattan furniture-making companies or brands we have in the market. Individual artisans are welcome to avail of our raw materials too.

Rattan Wood/Poles

The rattan wood or rattan pole is one of the most important raw material in every rattan craft project. Poles serves as the base or frame that provides the necessary support for the rattan furniture or item you are creating. It is where all other parts are attached and is responsible to carry the weight burden. In can work well with other materials or can stand alone and be molded in a nice piece of art.

Wickers and the rattan skin used for rattan weaving essentially comes form these rattan poles.


Rattan Sticks

Rattan sticks are derived from the whips or spines of the rattan plant, or the young rattan poles themselves. The demand for this rattan raw material has increased brought about by its aesthetic value especially when woven.



Rattan Wicker

The wicker is the most popular raw material derived from rattan since it has the most number of uses from being the fine woven frame of every rattan item or furniture to the simple reeds that we use in our home to diffuse fragrances. Uses of wicker are endless and limited only by the imagination of the craftsman himself.




Rattan Skin

This raw material is used for weaving rattan mats or perhaps the sheets for rattan furniture or items. They are flexible and durable that they are used as external string, covering, or ornament for the item’s external frame.


All these raw materials and your other rattan requirements are available…

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