Why Wicker Cribs are Better for Your Babies

Preparing for your new family member? Perhaps, you would only want to provide the best and most comfortable experience when he or she finally comes out to the world. Among the numerous items that are being prepared or discussed by couples is the baby’s first mini room, the crib. And the perfect alternative to what most households use are wicker cribs. Unlike the usual materials that cribs are made of (plastic, hardwood, or metal), cribs crafted from rattan or wicker present numerous advantages and benefits for you and your babies.

  • Wicker cribs provide utmost comfort to babies. Since they are made out of natural rattan material, it is perfect in regulating temperatures and allows very good airflow in and out of the crib. During the hot summer days, wicker will always keep it cool for your babies. And on the winter nights, it would be capable of dispelling too much cold with the aid of flexible comforters adorned with each piece.
  • Wicker cribs are safer to use. Wicker don’t rust, is not made out of petroleum (plastic), does not contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, and others which may accidentally be ingested by babies who love to explore, lick, and put stuff unto their mouths. This type of cribs is also capable of absorbing bumps and shocks that may be inflected and keep babies from harm’s way.
  • They are very much durable. Wicker cribs are flexible and durable, it can last a lifetime and even serve their purpose from your first born child until the time you eventually have your grandchildren. Though years may pass, that classy and beautiful look will never fade.
  • Wicker cribs are space savers. When compared side by side with conventional wood or plastic cribs, you will certainly notice that these types of cribs are not bulky, they are mostly fit, designed, and contoured according to the specific requirement of babies thereby saving huge amount of room space. Some of them are even adorned with wheels, foldable legs, crafted like baskets, and the like, just to add ease in terms of handling and storage.
  • They can be both used for indoor and outdoor activities. When you want to have some time with your family strolling down the park or having a picnic, wicker cribs can make your babies always on the go. For your convenience, consider opting for the wheeled cribs that can alternately serve as a stroller.
  • More than all the above benefits or qualities, wicker cribs are designed beautifully and uniquely.

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