Wicker Chair Cushions

Wicker chairs, sofas, lounge, or patio furniture pieces will probably constitute one of your major investments in terms of home improvement. Though wicker furniture serve their purpose on their own, adding up wicker chair cushions has been customary to maximize user comfort and relaxation.

Why are wicker cushions necessary?

Most of the time, adding up cushions to wicker furniture sets won’t be a problem since these are marketed on a bundle, comes with the wicker items, or as additional freebies. But there will be instances where the household owner would purchase wicker chairs and sofas without the cushions especially if it would translate to a considerable price reduction for just plain chairs, whenever they feel it will not jive with the interior, patio, or garden design they have at home or office, or perhaps, if they are considering to order custom made wicker chair cushions.

Rattan or wicker just like ordinary wood is a stiff and hard material, therefore, if a person wishes not to experience any discomforts in sitting or lying down unto wicker furniture, it is advisable to make use of wicker cushions. Additionally, wicker furniture or items are usually woven or knitted in a manner that the surface of a seat or bed is not totally flat but has patterns of mini lumps or bumps created upon wicker weaving and manufacturing the product.

Not only do wicker chair cushions provide comfort for use, they are also perfect in bringing out the best in any rattan or wicker furniture. During your search for distinct wicker chairs and sofas, you will eventually notice that wicker cushions really do enhance the aesthetic appearance of each piece, most especially if the cushion’s color or cover design compliments the vibrant natural color of wicker or rattan. With the natural wicker color, adorning these furniture pieces with light toned or colored cushions like white, beige, cream, etc, will always be perfect.

Choosing wicker chair cushions

Whenever you need new wicker cushions or replacements, observing the following short guide is ideal:

If it’s just for replacements, you should initially try to order from the same supplier where you have bought your rattan furniture or wicker cushions. This measure saves you a lot of time and effort in searching for that perfect size and specifications required for the cushions. Most often than not, suppliers or manufacturers can readily identify that particular cushion you are looking for, just by simply citing the model or style of your wicker furniture pieces.

If the wicker chair cushions you are searching are intended for outdoor use together with your garden seats, then go for all weather materials. Cushions with leather, semi-rubber or PVC sheets would be ideal for outdoor use whatever the weather condition is. When they come in plain colors or design, wicker cushion covers can always add to their beauty.

Some wicker furniture items have standard sizes and seating dimension, hence, you will need to take exact measurements when you search across home depots for wicker cushions. A perfect fit is always required to maintain aesthetic balance, prevent the cushions from slipping or moving unto sides, or perhaps, not too wide and big which may eventually require you to spend on alterations.

Ordering custom made wicker chair cushions will always be the most ideal step. This is easier, more cost-effective, and practical. Did you know that most of the rattan and wicker products sold in the market are imported from South East Asia? Chances are, the cushions that come with it are also manufactured from these countries, and therefore, you might have a hard time searching for that perfect cushion replacement. Local foam or cushion manufacturers and tailors can certainly create alternative (or even better) wicker chair cushions according to your predefined designs.

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