Wicker Toy Chest

To keep the house and rooms particularly of your children organized, it is a must to dispense or keep toys in an orderly manner using a wicker toy chest. Compared to traditional boxes that are bulky and heavy, those made out of wicker and rattan are lighter, safer, and can be more colorful.

Box or Chest Options for Your Kids Toys

Wooden chests or boxes. The traditional or conventional material used in crafting toy or any other storage box is wood. Before, wood boxes are heavy and bulky but now, there are now thinner and lighter wood and plywood used in creating them. Some of these boxes even double as a pouf by integrating foams or cushioned seats in the chest’s surface or cover.

Plastic bins. Other popular and cheap options other than wood and wicker toy chest are the bins made out of plastic. The bins are light and very easy to use, just drop the toys in the bin and place or store the bin in wherever you like.

Separate or under the bed drawers. Most households make use of built-in drawers to store their kids’ toys. Drawers built under the beds effectively hide the toys and other clutters when not in use making the entire room look clean and organized.

Wicker toy chest. Another popular option for toy boxes are those made out of wicker. The chest can both function as a storage box and at the same time as a display. Wicker is intricately hand woven to arrive at the desired box or chest design and chest. They also come in different colors from the natural wood, flesh, or tan colors to the painted ones like brown, blue, pink, and the white wicker toy chest.

Advantages of Using the Wicker Type of Chest

There are several advantages of making use of storage or toy boxes made out of wicker or rattan. They include:

  • The wicker or rattan chests are much lighter and comfortable compared to the bulky and heavy metal or wood alternatives.
  • Since it is woven, there are holes which allow the circulation of air inside even if the chest is covered or closed. This prevents build-up of unnecessary or unpleasant odors within the chest.
  • The chests or boxes made out of wicker are considered more attractive.
  • Since wicker is lighter and softer, the chest or box will also not produce any risk of injuries to the children or even the parents.
  • The wicker toy chest is also considered more durable compared to other box materials like wood, paper, etc.

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