Rattan Coffee Tables

A rattan coffee table is a type of cocktail table made out of wicker or rattan, of fairly low height, placed in front or center of sofa pieces, couches, seats, or group of chairs serving the purpose of holding magazines, meals, personal items, or for any other aesthetic purposes. Similar to all other types of materials, wicker coffee tables may also come in distinct sizes, shapes, designs, and a couple of natural colors too.

Choosing a coffee table made from wicker or rattan won’t essentially be a problem, most especially if you have previously acquired a sofa set that already includes a center table. But in case you want to purchase a replacement or additional ones for other areas of your home, you would basically need to consider the wicker coffee table’s shape, size, and style.

Gauging the ideal shape you require

Traditional couches or sofas available in the market are oblong in shape or orientation, hence, majority of the coffee tables you will encounter will also be oblong. In contrast, rattan coffee tables are very much diverse when it comes to shapes; it can be square, oblong, round, having multiple sides, etc. Rattan material can accommodate distinct shapes since the material is flexible enough to be bent, contoured, molded, or weaved.

A lot of interior designers now have liberally used contrasting shaped when it comes to furnishing. When the house has had enough angles and squares, a well rounded wicker coffee table is a must. Generally, the decision will boil down to individual taste and preference of the home owner.

The size

The general rule: the rattan coffee table’s size should be relative to the purpose, location, and complimentary furnishings. Of course no one will place a large cocktail table in a less spacious room or when the complimentary furnitures around it are rather large. On the other hand, a smaller one would be perfect for the smaller love seats or chairs. It should be proportional to the length of the sofa, the height is just enough for comfortable reach, and should also allot sufficient leg room or free space.

The styles, designs, and details

Wicker coffee tables available on the market will have specific designs and styles suitable for every house or room motif. The natural brown or tan colored ones can showcase a simple to formal look. The white colored ones also serve said purpose. Glass tops are essentials for these types of cocktail tables to cover holes or spaces between wicker weaves and for added protection to the natural rattan material. A glass top would certainly bring out the best in any rattan table.

Finally, you may want to look for some unique or interesting rattan coffee tables weave details, additional benefits like provision for low level drawers, trays, or storage units, etc.

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