Attractive Rattan Ceiling Fans

You may have noticed some of the unique ceiling fans adorned at hotels, luxury homes, and other places but won’t even have a hint that the exquisite material used to craft them are natural rattan fibers. Though the price of a piece may be quite high, the aesthetic value alone is certainly well worth it.

As we all know, rattan material is highly flexible and versatile, hence, it won’t be a surprise to get a glance at a large number of designs, styles, and colors available in the market.

Most of these rattan ceiling fans are manually crafted or produced which usually takes a couple of days or even weeks to complete for the most elaborate ones. Buying a unit can also be considered as an investment since the durability of rattan will ensure that your fan can last a lifetime.

You should not also worry about the motor and the other fan parts. These are usually made from top quality metals, wires, and other materials to perfectly suit the longevity requirement of the entire unit. The most attractive metal and motor parts are those colored with bronze, silver, or gold.

The most attractive rattan ceiling fans designs are those seemingly project a flower, plant leaf blades, the woven or knitted ones, etc.

Most fans available in the market are medium-sized to perfectly suit in any room or area where they shall be installed. When size for you is a consideration, you can order custom-made or predefined fans from the manufacturers.

Some other wonderful features of these types of ceiling fans also include well lubricated or sealed bearings which translates to less care and maintenance requirement, they are resistant to dirt, most are produced based on the universal hanging system or standard, most importantly for beauty and safety, all screws, wirings, and unnecessary peripherals are hidden, most are electrically reversible, light weight, and some rattan ceilings fans are remote control operated.

Another important consideration when it comes to rattan ceiling fans purchase is the airflow capacity. Of course aside from aesthetic considerations, functionality is at par importance. It is surprising to note that most of these fans can perform similarly or even outperform even your best conventional household fans. Most of them are efficient, eco or environment friendly and finally, energy efficient.


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